About the Accommodations


  • Single Room

    Rooms for one guest:¥8,500~

    Single Room

    Sophisticated and simple design.
    We guarantee that your stay will be a pleasant one.

  • Twin Room

    Rooms for one or two guests:¥16,500~

    Twin Room

    Included among our rooms are some that have been fitted for wheelchair accessibility.

  • Double Room

    Rooms for one or two guests:¥16,500~

    Double Room

    We offer double beds within the twin room category.

  • Deluxe Single

    Rooms for one guest:¥9,500~
    Rooms for two guests:¥14,000~

    Deluxe Single

    Newly added Simmons three-quarter beds.

  • Japanese Style Room

    Rooms for five guests:¥30,000~

    Japanese Style Room

    The futon mats are to be arranged by the guests themselves. As a special bonus, any group of two or more people will receive a ¥500 ticket per room to be redeemed within the hotel facilities. If you can contact us at least a day before your stay, the hotel staff will be able to have your futon mats arranged in advance. Please fill in, within the designated column, whether or not you wish for futon mats to be arranged in advance for you.

  • Special Room

    Rooms for two guests:¥30,000~

    Special Room

    These rooms have been set with Airweave mattress pads.

Please note that their rates are subject to daily changes.

All rooms have been designated as non smoking areas since January 2021.

◆Internet connection:Wi-Fi connection available (you may experience difficulties with your connection depending on your usage situation)

To ensure our guests’ comfort and peace of mind

Hotel Grand Vert Gizan thoroughly controls the hygienic conditions of our guest areas, including the following 10 places that are frequently touched by our guests.

  • Doorknobs


  • Light switches

    Light switches

  • Remotes


  • Phones


  • Chairs


  • Air conditioner switches

    Air conditioner switches

  • Faucet handles

    Faucet handles

  • Bathrooms


  • Paper holders

    Paper holders

  • Hairdryers



We have adapted our offerings to provide peace of mind for our guests staying consecutive nights.

  • Special Room【Limited to one group per day】Plan

    Enjoy an extraordinary stay.【Limited to one group per day】

    Spend a special day with someone special―
    For dinner, you can enjoy an Italian set menu at Sky Restaurant Bon・Repas.

    Price【Reservation required】

    ¥18,000 per person
    A two-people plan with a regular value of ¥53,000 will only cost you ¥36,000.

    Items Included in the Price

    One night with two meals (Accommodation: Special room/Dinner: Italian set menu/Breakfast included)

    • Please note that we may refuse your request if our accommodations are already fully booked.
    • Photographs are for illustration purposes only.
    • All prices include tax and service fees.


  • Check-in


  • Check-out


  • Early check-in and late check-out

    An additional charge of 10% of the room fee per hour.

  • Parking

    Our underground parking garage can accommodate up to 40 vehicles.
    The affiliated parking lot “D-Parking Nishiyanagase No. 1” is also available.

    Parking fee: ¥1,000 per night

    • Guests staying at the hotel can enter and leave the parking lot between check-in and check-out.
      (We lock the underground parking from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. for security reasons, but we will guide you to the affiliated parking lot for late-night and/or early-morning check-in/check-out. )
  • Breakfast


    Service hours:
    (Monday to Friday) 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.(Last Entry / 8:30 a.m.)
    (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.(Last Entry / 9:00 a.m.)

    For breakfast, you will be able to enjoy a “Japanese-style Shokado Bento” (a highly regarded form of Japanese launch boxes consisting of beautiful dishes originating from the Kaiseki Cuisine) with the local Gifu specialty “Hoba Miso” (Miso-based mix, usually containing mushrooms and Japanese onions, cooked over a dried magnolia leaf) at the hotel’s top floor restaurant.

    Adults: ¥2,000 
    Children: ¥1,000(four years old to elementary school students)

    • You can enjoy as many small servings as you like.
    • We have adapted our offerings to provide peace of mind for our guests staying consecutive nights.


  • Bidet toilet seats

  • Trouser press rental available

  • Vending machines
    (alcoholic beverages on the 7th floor and soft drinks on the 8th and 10th floors)

  • A convenience store can be found within a five minutes walking distance.

  • For single and twin room guests who would like to ask for an extra bed, we can provide one for an extra ¥4,500.

We provide accommodations for sports organizations.

  • Large bus parking available (reservation required)
    Depending on the day’s booking status, we may guide you to the external parking lot.

  • The Gifu Memorial Center (Gifu Prefectural Baseball Stadium and Gifu Nagaragawa Stadium) is located within a distance of about 10 minutes by car.

  • We provide ice. (Cooler boxes and similar items can be provided, for a fee, on the day of the match.)

About Cancellations

A cancellation fee will be charged starting seven days prior to your booked date.
Cancellations made seven days to one day before the booked date: 20% of the accommodation fee.
Cancellation made on the booked date: 80% of the accommodation fee.

If you do not contact us for cancellation, we will charge you the full amount.
If you made your reservation through a travel agent, please contact them.
Please check separately for the conditions concerning reservations for groups of 15 or more guests.